Crochet Hook Labels, Furls, Odyssey, Stickers, Letters & Numbers


These stickers will complement your beautiful Furls hooks.
No need to look under the hook to know what size you have anymore!
This purchase will provide you with a sheet of all the hook sizes; another reason to get more hooks if you don’t have them all!

They are made with vinyl, are durable and waterproof (in case you want to crochet underwater lol).
They will come with transfer paper and instructions on how to apply to your hooks. The transfer paper is optional, but will ensure better results.
The vinyl stickers are permanent and will work on acrylic, metal, wood hooks. They are not recommended for rubber (ex. clover) hooks.

Measurements app:
Height: 1″ Width: 0.4″


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Rose gold, Silver rainbow


Letters, Numbers, Both


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